About Us

Jadango is a verb. It means “to go everywhere”. And that is what we do at our core, we take your brand, your product, your company, you; and we spread it everywhere via the web. We are much more than just another web design company. We are marketing professionals that have successfully managed hundreds of large scale projects all over the globe.

Selling on the web, whether its your products or your services, starts with a great brand. We have massive experience at creating other people’s brands, and now we are putting that experience into our own.

Our company started life as babymonkey Studios in 2004. Then when we became focused more on the e-commerce world and X-Cart software, we became known as XcartGuru in 2012. Now starting in 2016 we are known simply as Jadango. This change reflects who we are, and more importantly, what we want to become.

Jadango’s mission is to be your one stop solution for everything on the web. Whether you need logo design and brand image, a new e-commerce shopping cart solution, or just expert help setting up your email, we are here to help.

We take pride in the work we do, and we strive to treat each one of our customers like family. Let us show you how great your web can be.

-Mike White, Developer/Founder

Jadango Web Solutions
mike at jadango.com
2509 Plantside Dr.
Louisville, KY 40299

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