All right! The boat is built, it is time to set sail! You have the great site, you have the right content, now you need traffic.


Most of us are familiar with the concept of SEO (search engine optimization), but few understand what that really means in practice. SEO, in the modern era, is all about fine tuning your site to give the search engines what they want to see. Every aspect of your site plays a role: how the page is laid out, how headings are used, meta tags and other behind the scenes code, and most importantly, CONTENT!

When we build or update a site, we consider SEO at every stage of the process. We write code to be as lean and light as possible, since speed is a ranking factor. We recommend the best hosting companies, again increasing the speed. We build responsive sites, which helps boost rankings on mobile. And we structure the pages to put your best foot forward with properly used tags and semantic design. So simply working with us will help your site tremendously.

If you don’t have the text, the words that will really match on the page, then it’s going to be hard for us to return that page to users.
-Matt Cutts , Google

Content is king. And the best person to build and write that content is you and your team. Someone intimately knowledgeable about the service or products you provide is the best and possibly the only person that can create the right content for your site. We are full of ideas, and we can take your content and format it correctly, but it is really hard for us to do a good job writing it. In order to command respect on the web you must be an authority in your field. You know your business, you know your brand. We can help pull that knowledge forth and present it in the best possible light.


SEM (search engine marketing) is another great way to drive traffic to your new or recently revamped site. Paying for search result rankings has been around since the beginning of the web. Google is usually your best partner in these endeavors, they not only have the largest direct audience, they also have the largest ad network. When you advertise with Google, you are also advertising on tens of thousands of sites all over the internet.

SEM and SEO do go hand in hand, especially in regards to Google advertising. Ads will be ranked by the relevance of the pages they are linked to. You can’t advertise a page targeting keywords that are not relevant to that page. Well you can, but your ad will get buried and, ultimately, under-perform. Everything needs to be in alignment, your SEM and your on-page SEO.


Social has forever changed the way we all interact with our potential customers and current clients. Now that you have a site you are proud of to promote, you can use your social network(s) to drive traffic to that site. Your social strategy should revolve around the site as much as possible. Don’t post a long article directly on Facebook, write that article on your site, and post a tantalizing snippet with a link to read more.

If you already have a strong social presence, we can help you build it up through links to your social pages from the site. We can also add sharing buttons to allow users to share pages, products and links directly to their platform of choice. If you need to establish social accounts and start from scratch, we can help set those pages up and guide you on the best way to leverage this market.

Ongoing Maintenance

Successful websites are organic in nature. They don’t just stagnate after launch, they need to change and adapt over time. Most of our clients have worked with us for years, and we continue to improve their sites, making changes when they need them, and fixing things that break. Our goal is to help in whatever capacity you need us to. We can teach you how to make changes on your own, or manage everything for you. It’s all up to you.

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