Web design has certainly changed in the 12+ years that we have been operating. UX design in particular has been elevated and refined to the point that it is an art form all of it’s own.

We have vast experience with functional design and presentation. From 3D animation, to motion graphics, to simple branding and logo design, we have got you covered.

Responsive perfection is expected. We all know that mobile is here to stay, big TV screens are too. Responsive design is the art of building designs that stay consistent and display well on all screen sizes. We use the latest in CSS media queries to detect the size of the device, and display content formatted perfectly for that screen.

It’s your vision

We listen to your vision, hear your ideas, and turn your dreams into reality. Unlike some designers, we don’t feel the need to stay true to our vision; rather we are dedicated to satisfying yours. We certainly don’t require you to use us for the design work. We are more than happy to work with your in-house designer or advertising agency. It’s all up to you.

Design work can be very taste specific. In our work we always try to find that middle ground and appeal to the masses, satisfying the largest audience we can. But the most important thing to us is that you like it. It’s your brand, it’s your company; if you and your team don’t love it then they can’t sell it. Let us be your digital paintbrush. We can sit down with you and make your ideas come to life right before your eyes.

After you make a branding decision, it is our firm belief that you need to stand behind it. You have to own it.

Mocking it up

Any user interface design should really start with a mock-up. It saves time, and we all know that saves money. Moving pixels around in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is much easier than moving around blocks of code. So we do encourage our clients to let the design process take it’s course. It can start with a simple sketch to get the right elements in the right places, and then move into a digital rendering of how the site looks and feels. Our years of experience mean we can guide you down the right path. Our humility and willingness to please ensures that we will listen to your ideas and realize that we don’t always know whats best for you.

Bring your design/designer

Are you a designer looking for a team to turn your creations into pixel-perfect HTML5, CSS and JS? Look no further. Not only are we great at what we do, we are very cost conscious. We will make sure that both you and your client are extremely happy.

Already have your own web design team? We will execute the code that makes that design come to life. Lets work together!

Brand evolution

One element of design/branding that we are quite skilled with is brand evolution. Great brands need to change in order to keep pace with the current trends and competition, but they should not ignore their roots. Brand identity is key. Sometimes you need to break from the past and start fresh, but it is important to keep your identity consistent. We can help modernize your look without losing the elements that make you, you.

Cookie cutter design

Let’s face it, custom design work is expensive. While we love to do it, we realize it doesn’t fit every budget. The virtues of a custom design can be expounded upon endlessly; custom design will always be your best bet. However, we are not afraid to work with a template. We can balance a custom look that reflects your individuality, with the cost savings of using something that is already built.

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