Our pricing and billing policies are simple and straightforward.

A full stack development company with agency level design skills for $125 an hour.

We charge $125 an hour across the board. Whether it is design work, front-end coding, or hardcore development work; you pay the same rate. This keeps the billing simple for both of us.


We never hard-quote a project. A lot of our competitors will promise the moon for a fixed number. We, on the other hand, always charge the actual time it takes. Over the years this has proven time and again to be the absolute best approach. It lets the client and the developer work together to reduce costs while giving the client complete control to get exactly what they want.

Usually development companies artificially inflate their estimates to cover the unknowns. They operate on the “win some, lose some” bid strategy. Sometimes a project goes smoothly and everything falls right into place. Other times it takes much longer than they expected. As a client, it is nice when you fall in the winning basket, but we think it unfair for those that get overcharged. As developers we know how much it hurts for us to have underbid a project and have to work for free.

So we do provide estimates, we like to call them “guesstimates”. Our estimate will always be based on the number of hours we think the project will take. This industry is fraught with difficulty and sticky situations. You truly do not know how complicated a task is until you attempt to undertake it. Our 12+ years of experience has helped us get pretty good at making those guesses.

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